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Art Windows and Doors is a double glazing company based in Lanarkshire. Our team’s double and triple glazing expertise is unrivalled in Central Scotland, boasting a combined 50 years experience and a superior selection of glazing systems designed for modern homes.

We use Kommerling Argon gas sealed and uPVC windows in our installations, as we believe they are the leading double glazing products on the market. This is so you can get hold of the high-quality windows & doors that add the most value to your home and get the most of your home improvements.

You can choose from our selection of windows & doors and many more. Our stylish range of products are designed with the modern homeowner in mind, so we can guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for!

Don’t hesitate if you want to chat with someone about your double glazing needs. You can either view the products we stock online and get a free quote or visit our Glasgow showroom to speak to an expert.

Why You Need Double Glazing in South Lanarkshire

If you’re a homeowner living in Hamilton, Wishaw, or Motherwell, double glazing is a no brainer. New windows can provide you with so many benefits that cut the cost of day-to-day living and ramp up the price of your house all at once. Here, we’ll run over a few of the different perks that come with a one-time investment in double glazed windows.

Most people know that double glazing helps keep your house warm. It adds an extra layer of insulation that keeps warmth from getting out and cold from getting into your house. By insulating your home, you don’t need to use as much energy to maintain the temperature you want, and therefore spend less on energy bills. Becoming more energy efficient also reduces your carbon footprint, saving your money and the environment in one investment!

Double glazed windows are an excellent way to make your home more secure too. The extra layer of glass makes it much more difficult to break in via the windows & doors, meaning you can rest assured knowing your house is protected from intruders.

Not only does double glazing protect your home from intruders, it helps protect you from environmental factors that can cause a lot of damage. The sealed double-panes are extremely good at preventing leaks, protecting you from rot and warping and reducing the maintenance you have to do.

All these benefits increase the value of your home. People look to buy houses with double glazing already installed, especially in the Lanarkshire climate!

Alternative Glazing Options: UPVC Windows, Doors and Rooflines

Installing double glazed windows isn’t the only way to help protect your home from the outside. We offer other products that make your house more energy efficient that be installed alongside new windows or added to existing double glazing systems.

One of these is uPVC windows. Our uPVC windows are made using the highest quality materials and techniques, helping reduce noise, boost thermal insulation and bolster security, whilst keeping your windows protected from the elements.

Another is uPVC doors. Traditional wooden doors are expensive and extremely vulnerable to weather damage, making them costly and time-consuming to maintain. Our uPVC doors are made from strong, lightweight construction plastics and are resistant to termites, dust and dents.

And lastly, there’s uPVC rooflines. They are an excellent way to keep your roofline from rotting, preventing structural damage and vermin and reducing the need for upkeep. You can change your fascias, guttering and cladding to uPVC to help combat the environmental pressures your house is exposed to.

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